Obama “Hurting” Over NCAA Bracket Bust

President Barack Obama spoke to about 1,000 Georgetown students Wednesday at McDonough Gymnasium, and he opened his talk on energy security by discussing ... the NCAA tournament.

As Obama thanked the officials in attendance, he turned his attention to men's basketball coach John Thompson III.

"I want to start with a difficult subject," Obama said as he looked toward JT3.  "The Hoyas had a tough loss, Coach.

"I love Coach Thompson.  I love his dad and the great tradition that they've had," Obama continued.  "And it turned out VCU was pretty good.  I had Georgetown winning that game in my bracket, so we're all hurting here.  That's what next year is for."

Indeed, the Prez had the Hoyas beating the Rams, but not making it past the third round.  

While he was chatty about the men's team, Obama failed to mention the female Hoyas -- on a day when the first lady was scheduled to host an event at the White House in honor of Women's History Month.

When he filled out his women's bracket, Obama didn't even pick Georgetown to make it out of the first round of their tournament.  They not only beat Princeton in Round 1, but then went on to defeat Maryland in the second round before nearly pulling off a stunning upset of No. 1 Connecticut.

Maybe the president could get some tips from the ladies on winning the future...

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