No Comfort From Coach Gibbs

Gibbs talks about Campbell, Zorn

Clinton Portis may or may not like Jim Zorn, but it sure seems like Joe Gibbs does. The old coach invited the new coach to spend some time with him at the race track. The Zorn Star took him up on his offer a few weeks back, and Mike Wise relays some interesting comments.

Gibbs talked Jason Campbell. When asked what he thought of the Skins off-season-long attempts to find his replacement, and what that means for Campbell's confidence, he gave the answer you'd expect of someone who won each Super Bowl with a different QB.

"At some point you're going to have to take the team down the field in a driving hailstorm to win the game. If you get all uptight about stuff as the quarterback -- if [trade rumors] is something that bothers you -- you're in the wrong position...

"You gotta realize an NFL quarterback is going to go through a lot -- all the ones I coached did. If it wasn't [Mark] Rypien getting benched in the middle of a season, it was Joe Theismann technically going to get benched. Or it was Doug Williams going through two teams and coming here when everybody thought his career was over."

There's not much comfort there for Campbell.

Gibbs didn't provide much comfort for Zorn either, saying, "I think he has a good feel for the job and where he is."  Yeah, on the hot seat, fighting to keep his job past next season.

It seems like Zorn might've wanted more.  Wise relays some comments from Zorn where it seemed like he was hoping for a bit more from the legendary coach:

"My hope is he sees my passion for this football team as well.  My hope is he sees it in good hands and he likes how it's run. I want him feel like it's run well, where he says: 'Hey that's good. That's good.' And those 'That's goods' get louder and louder, instead of 'Aw, sheesh.' He still cares about what we do."

Please love me, Coach!  Please!  It's tough picturing the Bills Belichick or Parcells saying something like that.

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