No Cake Love for Bobby Cox (sp?)

Braves manager honored, sort of, on Capitol Hill

After 50 years of professional baseball, you'd think people would know how to spell your name.

But that's not the case if your name is Bobby Cox.

The Atlanta Braves manager, who is retiring after this season, was honored on Capitol Hill earlier this week with a ceremony hosted by U.S. senators Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) and Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.).

But the decorative writing on the dessert cake at the event misspelled his name in a rather unfortunate way: "Thanks For 50 Great years Bobby Cocks."

Oh boy.  At least they got "Bobby" right...

An Isakson spokesperson explained that the cake came with the misspelled name from a local catering company, which ordered it from a place they don't normally use (clearly NOT Charm City Cakes), and they never specified how to spell Cox.

Once the error was discovered, it was too late.  Waaay too late.  So Isakson's staff quickly cut up the bottom of the cake and smeared the icing before the guest of honor could see it.

Cox says he didn’t even know about the mistake until Wednesday.

"That’s funny," Cox told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "What bakery did he get that cake? That’s what I want to know."

Cox says the cake was already cut when he enjoyed a piece, so he didn't get to see the unfortunate -- yet quite hilarious -- mistake.

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