Nick Young: Fashionista

Nick Young sat down with Edge Magazine recently, and during the course of the short feature, we learn quite a bit about the Wizards forward.

Perhaps most importantly, he gives potential Mrs. Youngs some tips on how to grab the attention of the 6-foot-7, 210-pound veteran.

“I’m almost 30 so settling down is something that I’ve been thinking about. I had a couple of people in mind but things didn’t exactly work that way”.  His delve into relationship confessions leads him to discuss his desires for the future including a real want to have children. Spearheaded by his involvement in the community every summer with the Nick Young Youth Basketball camp, Young’s days of enjoying the single life with no responsibility are less exciting to him than they were in the past. “I’d love to have someone who can keep me in the house, a lady, and of course, have children. I love kids”.

Nick has been spending his summer in LA’s Drew League, where he scored a league-high 60 points on Sunday in the final game of the regular season. But he is just as proud of his fashion prowess as he is of his jumper.

As a matter of fact, it seems that he has taken it upon himself to school young ballers when it comes to their threads of choice, while hinting that some of his Wizards teammates might be a lost cause. 

 “They don’t really have style (in the league), I tell all the young boys coming up to get slimmer, lose the baggy clothes and all that stuff. There’s really nothing that can be done for the vets, they’re too stuck in their ways now”, says Nick. And he’s not just solely critical of his basketball peers; he’s also pretty straight forward about his style preferences when it comes to the ladies. “I like to see women keep it simple. Jean cutoff shorts and a tank top, that’s more than enough. And anything but a whole bunch of makeup is just fine”.

Judging by these photos, we can only imagine what a Nick Young-styled NBA would look like.

All photos courtesy of Edge Magazine.

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