NFL Shop Selling Vick Redskins Jersey?

Landry jersey says Vick

Does the NFL know something about Michael Vick's next employer that the rest of us don't?

On Wednesday, was selling a Washington Redskins LaRon Landry youth replica jersey, but one look at the jersey image told a different story.

What actually showed was a No. 0 Redskins jersey with the name VICK on it ... not a No. 30 Landry. We're assuming that Vick to be none other than QB Michael Vick, whose agent said on Tuesday that the beleaguered QB won't sign with the Redskins.

To no one's surprise, the NFL took the Landry jersey page off its site sometime Wednesday night.

But for a while there, for about 60 bucks you could either give your kid a swank Landry jersey so he or she could emulate the hard-hitting defender, or surprise your tyke with some faux Vick threads.

What was the deal NFL? Care to fill us in on the scoop?

(Hat tip to reader Leslie Thompson for the find!)

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