NFL Forces Robert Griffin III to Cover Knee Brace

Continuing our coverage of last night's loss, we now go to the epicenter of it all: Robert Griffin III's knee.

To protect his surgically repaired knee, Griffin has been wearing a state-of-the-art brace. He wore it Monday, but according to Griffin, the NFL -- specifically, the league's uniform inspector -- forced him to cover it up.

"Everybody in the league kept calling down to our sideline saying I needed to cover the brace up,” Griffin Iold reporters. "I don’t understand that one. But that’s why we had to continue to do some stuff to cover the brace up with my sock. It was the same brace. It just looked bigger because they kept putting stuff over it.

“Man, I don’t know what the league’s doing,” Griffin said. “I got fined 10 grand for a shirt. I mean, I don’t know.”

Of course, Griffin is referring to the $10,000 fine the league handed down during the preseason for wearing his "Operation Patience" shirt, considered unathorized apparel. Griffin has incurred the wrath of the uniform police many times in the past, so he certainly has a record. 

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