WATCH: Washington Runs a Successful QB Sneak… With Their Tight End

WATCH: Washington runs successful QB sneak... with a tight end originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

There was a time when Logan Thomas running a quarterback sneak wasn't surprising, because Thomas used to be a quarterback.

Now that he's a tight end, though, he probably figured those days were behind him. But in Washington's matchup with the Bengals on Sunday, Thomas actually had his number called on a sneak once again, and he came through.

In the first quarter of the game, the home side faced a third-and-2 in Cincy territory. Alex Smith, who was in shotgun, signaled for Thomas to motion across his face, but halfway through that motion, No. 82 hit the brakes and got under center.

From there, he took the snap and pushed the pile forward for a first down:

Just when you thought you'd seen every kind of play possible on an NFL field, something like that happens.

Scott Turner got grilled last Sunday for getting a little too fancy on an early possession in Detroit. Had this one failed, too, the coach would've been grilled once more, but it worked, so this happy story about the play exists instead. QB sneaks with a tight end rule!

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