WATCH: Terry McLaurin Is Excellent at Everything, Except Maybe Golf

WATCH: Terry McLaurin is excellent at everything, except maybe golf originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Washington Football Team fans feel a kind of way about Terry McLaurin.

He's the organization's best draft pick in a decade; a third-rounder that immediately emerged as WR1 his rookie year and got better during his second season. 

A "unanimous" choice for captain in 2020, McLaurin posted the first 1,000-yard receiving season in Washington since 2016. 

He's a star on the field and even better off the field. 

It's hard to come up with a bad word to say about McLaurin, but, this being the internet and all, it's time to talk about his golf game. 

Admittedly a beginner to the game, McLaurin posted his first swing, and the results were kinda stiff. 

Golf is a really hard game, and for a speed receiver the swing can be a little unnatural. Here's what makes McLaurin so great - he constantly improves. Or at least tries.

Better than that? McLaurin recognizes he has much more work to do.

Lots of questions persist for McLaurin though: 

  • Why is he wearing a t-shirt when there is snow on the ground?
  • Is he getting golf lessons from Patrick Reed? Uh...
  • Can we get this dude some fitted clubs? He finished the 2020 season with the 13th-most receiving yards in the NFL and he's learning to play on some Top Golf clubs?
  • Where does he rank among Washington players on the golf course? Alex Smith is a great golfer, so is Tress Way. Word is Kendall Fuller can play and might be the best among the team's defensive players. 

Soon the weather will warm up across the United States, and after that, golfers all over the country will get back on the course. Let's hope that means plenty more McLaurin swing videos. 

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