Washington Football Team President Jason Wright Sends Cryptic Red Wolves Tweet

Washington Football Team president Jason Wright tweets about Red Wolves originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

The Washington Football Team will make their debut on Sunday, the first game for the team since the "Redskins" nickname got retired in July.

It will be a monumental shift for the nearly 90-year old franchise, but it's also expected to be a temporary move. Eventually, the team is expected to pick a new nickname.

For many Washington fans the new name should be Red Wolves. The support group behind that nickname is vocal, especially on social media, and includes some former players like Fred Smoot and current players too, including Dwayne Haskins. 

Well, it might include new team president Jason Wright too. 

There's more to this tweet than might appear. 

Wright turned on his TV to find the Arkansas State Red Wolves playing football. He asked PFT Commenter about it because the wildly popular podcaster is a huge Washington Football fan and a huge advocate for the Red Wolves nickname. 

Plenty of fans are focused on Washington's Week 1 contest against Philadelphia on Sunday, not tracking a new name that won't be implemented until the 2021 season at the earliest.

But for other fans that seem to hinge on every new name rumor, this is interesting. It's far from anything concrete, but it's not nothing either. 

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