Terry McLaurin Sees Positives in Washington's Unconventional Bye Week

Changes in bye week due to COVID-19 not a problem for Terry McLaurin originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Week 8 is a bye for the Washington Football Team, and that would typically mean that players could break away from the facility and even take a short vacation before getting back to the grind of the season,

In 2020, however, this is not the case. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, league protocols require players to continue to report to the facility for daily testing, meaning players will have to remain in the local area.

While that may take some of the fun out of the bye week, wide receiver Terry McLaurin doesn't believe it will make the break any less beneficial. For him, it's not about the location, but rather the opportunity to take his mind off football for a moment.

“To me, it will. Getting some of this time off and just it gives you a time, the bye is not just about the break," McLaurin said. "I feel like it’s mental too just to step away from the game for a while. Even though you can’t go somewhere warm or whatever, you have a chance to get around your family, you have the chance around to take care of your bodies.”


The timing of Washington's bye week comes at a strong point as well. Week 8 is nearly the halfway point of the season, meaning the team gets a chance to regain some healthy before entering the second portion of the campaign. Additionally, the group is coming off a big win over Dallas and primed to take on the Giants in Week 9.

McLaurin feels like the bye week is a perfect scenario for the team to build off one big division game before entering another critical matchup. 

“We have to take advantage of that. We come right off this bye and play at home against the Giants and that’s another division game," McLaurin said. "We can’t come out sluggish, we can’t have a slow start.”

Though a bye week in 2020 means no trips to the beach, McLaurin isn't overlooking its importance. In fact, he sees being close to the facility as a way for the team to immediately hop back into the football mindset when practice resumes.

The main purpose of a bye week is to rest and reset before the most grueling stretch of the season begins. Despite 2020 changing what can be done on the off days, McLaurin plans to do just that.

“I feel like our focus going into this bye week is to take this time to take care of our bodies, take care of each other and get ready for next week toward the end of our bye week so we can get off to a hot start," McLaurin said. 

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