Russell Westbrook Says Scott Brooks Isn't Getting Enough Credit for Wins

Westbrook says Brooks isn't getting enough credit for wins originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

After the Wizards won their fourth straight game on Saturday night and praise was being heaped on Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal who each had big nights, Westbrook took time to shine a light on someone he does not believe is getting enough respect for his role in the team's recent turnaround. That would be head coach Scott Brooks, who has taken a lot of heat this season as the Wizards have underperformed in the standings.

Even with the win on Saturday, the Wizards are just 10-17, which is not how they envisioned this season would go. They began the year 0-5 and fell all the way to 11 games under .500.

But Brooks has steered them through that disappointing start, which included injuries and an unprecedented bout with the coronavirus, and Westbrook thinks it's time to give him some love.

"We're moving in the right direction as a team. If we play the game the right way, the wins will come. I think we've gotta give a lot of credit to Coach Brooks. He doesn't get enough credit," Westbrook said, unprompted by a reporter's question.

"When we lose, they always look at the head coach. When we win, they don't give him a lot of credit. But he's doing a hell of a job making sure that we are playing the best we can play and putting us in position to be great."

Westbrook and Brooks go way back, of course, all the way to Seattle where Westbrook was originally drafted and Brooks was an assistant coach. They moved together with the franchise to Oklahoma City where they each made a name for themselves in the NBA. Now, they have reunited in Washington.

While Westbrook's future in Washington is secured by a massive contract, Brooks is in the final year of his deal, and because of that has endured plenty of speculation about his job status. But with each win, the Wizards' patience in him is starting to pay off.

Judging by this endorsement, Westbrook certainly seems to think so.

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