Russell Westbrook Could Do Nothing the Rest of the Season, Still Average Triple-Double

Westbrook could do nothing the rest of the season, still average triple-double originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

At this point in his career and the 2021 season, it's getting hard to find stats about Russell Westbrook that can be considered mind-blowing. At this point, the unimaginable has become normal for the Wizards point guard.

His latest triple-double that included 24 assists and 21 rebounds in a win vs. the Pacers is the latest example. It feels as if everything he does is expected at this point.

However, there may be one note that can still get some jaws to drop.

Following Monday's game, Westbrook is averaging 21.9 points, 11.2 rebounds and 11.0 assists. It will be the fourth time in his career that he averages a triple-double for an entire season. For reference, Oscar Robertson did that once and no one else has ever done it.

It can be said with certainty that Westbrook will accomplish that feat even though Washington still has seven more games in the regular season because the point guard can literally do nothing and still average a triple-double.

That's right. Westbrook could put up goose eggs on the stat sheet for the final stretch of the regular season and it would not matter in terms of his season average of a triple-double. That is just absurd, even by Russell Westbrook's standard.

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Fortunately for the Wizards, it can also be said with certainty that won't be the case. The point guard will continue to be a major player in Washington's run toward the play-in tournament and his current pace gives him a great chance to break Robertson's all-time triple-double record. He needs just four more.

It's getting hard to describe what Westbrook is doing on the court. This mind-boggling stat is just the latest example. 

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