Paul Pierce: ‘Truth Gonna Bounce Back Like Never Before'

Paul Pierce: 'Truth gonna bounce back like never before' originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Paul Pierce has been promising a big comeback on his Instagram and Twitter for days following his departure from ESPN, and did the same when he spoke to TMZ in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. 

ESPN reportedly fired the former Celtics legend who played a season for the Wizards after Pierce posted racy videos with some exotic dancers to his Instagram live. Pierce isn't dwelling on being let go, though. 

"Stay tuned, that's all I'm gonna say. Stay tuned, it could be coming as early as next week," Pierce told TMZ. "Truth gonna bounce back like never before. That's all you gotta know."

Pierce didn't disclose any details of his next big comeback project, but the timeline of it possibly coming to "platforms" next week would make for an incredibly quick turnaround. 

While Pierce was vowing his big return, "Saturday Night Live" aired a segment poking fun at the situation as comedian Punkie Johnson portrayed one of the women from his Instagram live video. 


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