LOOK: New Red Wolves Design Features Element From Washington Football Team Brand

LOOK: New Red Wolves design features element from WFT brand originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

As the discussion surrounding a potential new name for the football franchise in Washington rages on, factions of supporters have emerged over the months.

There's the obvious and strong Red Wolves movement that continues to dominate social media, but there is also a group that enjoys the temporary "Washington Football Team" brand and the simplicity it brings.

A new logo mockup may grab both groups' attention.

Instagram user thedcwolfpack recently unveiled a new logo design on Instagram that is meant for the Washington Red Wolves. However, when looking at the creation, it's clear that some of the elements come from the team's current look.

The "W" mimics that of the Washington Football Team's emblem, but it now features the rather cool twist of a wolf howling within it. The Burgundy and Gold is still there, so this really is a "best of both world" design for the supporters of the two sides.

A well-backed new name mixed with the ideas of the current era? Seem like it could work. 

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