Justin Tucker's First Missed FG Vs. Bills Actually Went in – Before It Didn't

Tucker's first missed FG vs. Bills actually went in - before it didn't originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Justin Tucker is arguably the best kicker in NFL history, but even he struggled in Baltimore's 17-3 playoff loss to the Buffalo Bills on Saturday.

Tucker missed two of his three field goal attempts: a 41-yarder that hit both uprights to cap Baltimore's opening drive, and a 46-yarder that bounced off the right upright in the second quarter.

Many people that follow the Ravens are so accustomed to Tucker making those kicks. This led to one NFL data analyst, Michael Lopez, to do a deeper dive on the kicker's shaky performance.

Using advanced technology to track the football, Lopez found that on Tucker's first miss, the 41-yard double doink, that the ball actually crossed over the bottom goalpost before moving back towards the right upright and eventually hitting it.

Take a look:

So, why didn't it count?

In order for the try to be successful, the entire football must pass through the vertical plane between the two uprights. If the ball does so, but then returns through the goalposts without hitting another object, person or the ground, the try is unsuccessful, according to the NFL's rulebook.

If that's not the definition of unlucky, I'm not sure what is.

The weather was a big factor all evening in Buffalo, as the wind noticeably impacted both the passing and kicking game of both teams. The cold, along with the ongoing gusts of wind were both major reasons why the two offenses put up a combined total of 13 points.

Regardless, Baltimore could have used a little bit more luck on Saturday than they received. Tucker's first-quarter missed field goal, by literal inches, proves that.

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