Dwayne Haskins Couldn't Pass Up This Chance to Roast Michigan During His Presser

Dwayne Haskins couldn't pass up this chance to roast Michigan originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Dwayne Haskins likes taking shots. While the Washington Football Team quarterback is still growing in the NFL, that much has become clear. He's not one to turn down an opportunity to take a shot.

That was again proven true on Wednesday — but instead of something on the field backing that up, it was a quote that he delivered during his weekly presser that cemented that point.

A few hours before Haskins sat down for his Zoom with reporters, the Big Ten announced that it intends to begin its football season in October after originally saying the season wouldn't occur.

Considering Haskins' ties to the conference, it made sense to get his thoughts on the matter, which is exactly what one member of the media did. And the start of Haskins' response, at least, was fairly standard.

"I'm excited for the Big Ten," he began. "I wish they had more games."

Then, Haskins slipped in a sly one-liner.

"I'm looking forward to Ohio State whooping on the team up north for the next 30 years of my life," he said.

In his year-plus with Washington, Haskins has discussed playing at Ohio State more than a few times. He's never once uttered the name of his former school's rival, however, and that trend obviously continued with the above statement.

The way Haskins zinged Michigan was perfect, too; he didn't change his voice at all or give any indication that a sneaky jab was coming. If he can disguise the rest of his throws in 2020 the way he did that diss, then the offense will be in splendid shape.

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