Cowboys Loss Leads to More Roasts for the NFC East

Cowboys loss leads to more roasts for the NFC East originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

On Monday morning it was clear that the NFC East was bad, like so bad that it could become the worst division of all-time. After the Cowboys played on Monday night, the reputation for the division only sunk.

Dallas got blown out by the Cardinals, dropping them to 2-4. Dallas also remained first in the division. As stated above, the NFC East is trending towards a historically awful campaign.

Twitter, if anything, is a site that feeds off the bad play of football teams. So, it was no surprise that many had something to say about just how truly bad things have been so far.

It's all fair game considering how the teams have performed. Washington and the Giants sit at 1-5 and in any other year would be contending solely for the first overall pick, not the division. The Eagles don't look anything close to the playoff team some expected. Yet, someone has to win this division. Literally, even if every team is trying not to, someone will. 


How many wins will it take? At this point, six seems like more than enough. That means come January, one of these teams will get to host a playoff game despite most likely owning a record that is worse than all other playoff teams.

At this point, the NFC East is a physical representation of 2020. That's not good. 

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