Chiefs Used Lombardi Trophy Pictures to Try to Recruit JuJu Smith-Schuster

Chiefs used Lombardi Trophy photos to try to recruit JuJu originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

NFL free agency is always a hectic, chaotic period in the football calendar. Players jump from team to team, and the priorities for ultimate destinations can vary wildly depending on the player.

Money is sometimes the biggest factor in most contract signings, but the chance to win a Super Bowl ring is probably the second-most commonly mentioned goal for players during free agency. So it's no surprise Chiefs head coach Andy Reid tried to use that to his advantage while courting Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

“Andy Reid was just calling me and he was sending me Lombardi Trophy pictures constantly,” Smith-Schuster said on Michael Irvin’s podcast. “We had a good talk, so it would have been KC after the Steelers...he texted [photos] to me while I was trying to make a decision, and you know I have so much respect for him and his team.”

The wideout ended up returning to Pittsburgh on a one-year deal, so Reid's gambit didn't pay off for Kansas City. But thanks to Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs have quickly become one of the most respected, successful franchises in the sport.

The Steelers are always good, but the Chiefs have the potential to become a dynasty during the next few seasons. It won't be a surprise if a few other players wind up buying into Reid's recruitment methods in the years to come.

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