Chase Young Explains Why Ron Rivera Reminds Him of Urban Meyer

Lots of coaches yell at their players, but not all of those rants make a real impact. When Ron Rivera gets into his Washington Football Team, Chase Young says everybody listens.

"Everything that Coach Rivera says we take to heart as a team," Young said Monday on the Washington Football Team Talk podcast.

"I'm locked in."

Young's comments come a few days after Rivera chewed out the Washington team following a lackluster practice. Rivera made clear that the effort from his team wasn't good enough and that substandard play would not be tolerated. 

"Today wasn't good enough. Today was not acceptable. If this is what's going to happen, then we're going to struggle," Rivera said Saturday after the poor practice. "We can't accept it. I can't allow that to happen, so that's why I voiced my feelings today with the players."


For Young, the speech reminded him of his college coach Urban Meyer.

A national champion at Ohio State and Florida, Meyer is one of the most successful college football coaches of all time, and was also viewed as intense and demanding. 

"It's definitely the same as Coach Meyer," Young said. "Coach Meyer was definitely a dude and everything he said you had to lock in on it."

The second overall pick used the term "a dude" to describe both Rivera and Meyer, as well as Washington defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio. Asked to describe what that meant, Young explained, "do everything right. Be accountable."

That's certainly the message Rivera keeps preaching to his team. Saturday's practice was a mess, but on Sunday, his team improved. And on Sunday Rivera told his team that he wants guys to do the right thing, not the easy thing. 

Sounds like something Meyer might say, and to Young, that sounds like a dude. 

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Chase Young explains why Ron Rivera reminds him of Urban Meyer originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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