Brandon Scherff is way more interested in talking about beer than his contract situation

Brandon Scherff isn't a big talker. The 28-year-old prefers blocking interior defenders, mauling cornerbacks on screen plays, spending time outdoors or simply not talking over talking.

So it wasn't a massive surprise when Scherff sidestepped a few direct questions about his contract situation during a Wednesday Zoom call with the media. The right guard is going to be playing out the 2020 season on the franchise tag, which will pay him a cool $15 million, but then he'll face the unknown after that. 

And he didn't really feel like getting too far into discussing that unknown in his session with reporters.

"I'm honestly not worried about next year at all," Scherff said. "I'm just focused on doing what coach asks and trying to be that leader he wants me to be. If I do everything right, things will fall in place."

While Scherff didn't touch on any specifics about choosing the tag over a long-term deal with the only organization he's known, he did reiterate how he overall wants his career to unfold. This time, though, there was a slight twist to the statement.

"I told you I wanted to retire as Re - or, as a player of the Washington Team," he said. 

To Scherff's credit, he did open up about other topics, including how he spent his offseason.

A quick scan through his Twitter reveals that much of his quarantine involved the wilderness and drinking beer. Those were a few aspects he was more than happy to expand on.


"I did a lot of turkey hunting, I did a lot of fishing," Scherff said. "Busch Light was only on Saturdays, so I held off on that. They have Busch Light Apple now, so I think fruit's good for you, right?"

He was even kind enough to provide a review of that new beverage option. 

"It's pretty good," he said, "but Busch regular is the go-to now."

As for the more important things - though let's not joke around, Busch Light is plenty important - like his health and the new Washington regime, Scherff sounded upbeat about both.

He explained that his recent injury history has forced him to reevaluate how he takes care of his body and one person he's trying to emulate in that respect is Ryan Kerrigan. He's also adjusting how early he gets to the facility before activities like meetings and workouts, something he didn't quite grasp as a younger player.

Then there's Ron Rivera's takeover.

Before January, Jay Gruden was the only boss Scherff had ever known as a pro. Scherff, like nearly every other member of the Washington Football Team, has been impressed by Rivera and is eager to see where he leads the franchise.

"Change is good," he said. "You've just got to do what Coach Rivera asks, he's been very successful and I think he's the right man for the job and we're excited to have him at the top."


Brandon Scherff is way more interested in talking about beer than his contract situation originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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