Andre Burakovsky Hilariously Informs Pierre-Edouard Bellemare of Outdoor Venue

Andre Burakovsky hilariously informs Bellemare of outdoor venue originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Former Capitals forward Andre Burakovsky was once the young player who endured barbs from veteran teammates.

Now, at age 25, Burakovsky has matured into one himself - certainly well enough to know the finer details of the recently announced two outdoor games the NHL will host at Lake Tahoe this season. 

He even had to explain those details to disappointed Avalanche teammate Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, who believed he'd have the chance to play a game on a lake for the first time in his life on Feb. 20 when Colorado takes on the Vegas Golden Knights in Lake Tahoe.

"It's not on the lake, though," Burakovsky told Bellemare. "It's beside the lake." 

"I thought we were playing on Lake Tahoe?" Bellemare said. 

"We're playing on the 18th fairway, bro," Burakovsky informed.

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While it's a tad bit surprising that Bellemare, a veteran French center who's also played in his home country and Sweden, has never even skated on a lake before, Burakovsky being the one to hold the brakes on Bellemare's excitement was hilarious to watch. You could see Bellemare's heart break on the Zoom conference call. No doubt his teammates will have more to say in private. 

Burakovsky famously got into a fan's car in February, 2017 when he mistakenly thought it was the Uber he had ordered for him and his friends. Thankfully, the driver was a Capitals fan and recognized him and took him home.

That story is just one example of the kind of free spirit, go-with-the-flow personality Burakovsky embodied during his time with the Caps. A bit older and a bit more mature in Colorado, with his name on the Stanley Cup, it appears Burakovsky is now the one on top of things. He and the Avalanche are one of the favorites to win the Cup this year. 

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