Alex Smith Had One Hell of a Zinger About Washington's Name Change

Smith had a hell of a zinger about Washington's name change originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Earlier this week, an interview between Alex Smith and GQ that was posted to the publication's website made some serious headlines. On Friday, meanwhile, a Youtube video that GQ produced and featured Smith turned out to be a lot more lighthearted — and included one hell of a line from the quarterback about Washington's temporary team name.

The video, which can be found here, shows Smith as he browses the Internet and gets involved in real conversations on Twitter and Reddit that mention him by name. There's even a part where he edits his own Wikipedia page. In all, it's clever and quite hilarious, too.

The highlight of the project, however, comes just after the one-minute mark, when Smith stumbles upon this comment after searching for himself on YouTube: "Football Team is the best name ever. Even when you are sober, you sound like a drunk when you scream 'Football Team!'"

After reading that aloud, Smith looks up from the laptop that's sitting in front of him and tells the camera, "Well, it's better to sound like a drunk than a racist."

The delivery of the zinger — from Smith's deliberate cadence to his direct eye contact to the slight chuckle afterward — was very Jim from The Office-esque. 

Again, the entire thing is worth viewing, as Smith sarcastically weighs in on the influence he had on Patrick Mahomes and butts into threads of people who voiced their concern about him playing again. That said, nothing tops his comment about Washington's for-now moniker.

Who knew that Smith and GQ would be a better duo than LeBron and Anthony Davis, by the way? 

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