A fan-generated Washington Football Team name that's out of this world: The UFOs

Though they will be known as the Washington Football team for the upcoming season, the discussion around what the local NFL franchise will eventually change its name to rages on.

Some want it to relate to the history of the franchise without the explicit Native American imagery. The Washington Warriors or Redspears are examples there. Others are hoping for a connection specific to Washington D.C. itself. The Potomacs would work well in that realm. A vocal faction - on social media anyway - is in support of the Washington Red Wolves, a unique brand that features limitless logo and uniform ideas. Even some players and ex-players seem on board with that one.

But, if fans really, really want to go outside-the-box - maybe outside the galaxy - then how about the Washington UFOs?

Don't laugh. A user by the name of dizzyline created the concept in a recent rebranding contest. The logo features a simple image of a UFO accompanied by a sleek font that sticks out while also accenting the image itself. Additionally, the color scheme fits right in with the beloved Burgundy and Gold. No changes there. 

UFOs is a name and concept that as far as we know has never been pushed by any expansion team or organization conducting a rebrand. Not seriously anyway. But there are aspects that could make it work. Besides the uniforms and logos, the name lends itself to some really interesting ideas when it comes to marketing the team. The mascot is easy. The stadium can be nicknamed 'Area 51' and if they really want to embrace the alien vibe, a flying saucer could soar over the stadium each game like military jets sometimes do.


UFOs might not seem intimidating, but they can easily be connected to the football world. They are fast and hard to catch - just like Washington's offense hopes to be in the coming years. When a player reaches up for a high-flying reception or nabs an interception, how cool would it be to hear the stadium announcer scream "We have an unidentified flying object sighting!" The answer is very cool.

Unlike many of these other ideas, the Washington UFOs doesn't seem a natural fit. We get it. It's a little kooky. Like people who claim they've been abducted by aliens or flown to other planets. But sometimes being different is better. Maybe choosing a name that's not from the tired, old mascot category - Eagles, Cowboys, etc. - is a good thing. Washington UFOs certainly isn't a favorite and it probably won't even make the top 10, but you won't find a more unique choice. Why not do something that's never been done before?  


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A fan-generated Washington Football Team name that's out of this world: The UFOs originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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