Nats' Grounds Crew: Fail!

Nats' Tarp Needs a Bailout

Maybe there's something in the water at Nationals Park.

While the Nats players stumble and bumble on the field, the grounds crew proved to be equally inept Saturday night.

As a storm started to blow through the area during the Nats-Phillies game, play was stopped and the grounds crew was called on to put the tarp down.

As they started rolling out the massive raincoat, hilarity ensued.

The tarp got stuck about halfway across the infield. As the rain poured down and the tarp got even heavier, the crew tried feverishly to fluff some air under the slicker to get it going again. No use.

They huffed, and they puffed, but they couldn't pull the tarp all the way down. Eventually they all just ended up standing there, getting drenched, as camera crews rolled and the Phillies broadcasters laughed and laughed and laughed...

Eventually, reinforcements were called in in the form of security guards.

No luck.

With no security guards watching the stands, the fans decided they had seen enough and jumped down on the field to take matters into their own hands, grabbing onto the tarp and pulling as hard as their beer-soaked livers would allow.

Still no luck.

Eventually, the grounds crew decided to take the tarp back the other way and try again.

On the second attempt, a large bubble formed in the tarp as they tried to run over it, foiling yet another try to cover the now rain-soaked field.

Finally, the crew did manage to get it all the way across, but it was a wasted effort, as the game was eventually stopped and the Phillies won, 7-5.

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