Nats Get No Respect — Not Even From Obama

Lots of parity, except in Washington

Everyone knows the Washington Nationals are a bad team. OK, OK, they're a terrible team. And it seems everyone likes to give 'em a little kick when they're down.

The president of the United States is no exception.

President Barack Obama dissed the Nats in more ways than one way Tuesday night at the All-Star Game in St. Louis.

First of all, him just showing up to throw out the first pitch at the game was a slap in the face, since he has yet to do that at Nationals Park (But don't worry, Nats, you're not alone in this one. The Caps are still waiting for Obama to drop a puck at the Verizon Center, too.)

But for Obama to walk out onto the field in a White Sox jacket ... well, that almost made the Lerner family stop swimming in their big swimming pools full of money just long enough to cry. Almost.

After throwing out the first pitch, Obama then made his way up to the broadcast booth to talk some baseball with Joe Buck and that McGruber guy. The boys start discussing parity in the league, and Obama drops a bombshell:

"There's a lot of parity, which I think is terrific, because it means everybody around the country has a little bit of hope for their team," Obama said.

Wait for it... Wait for it...

"Maybe with the exception of the Nationals."

Boom goes the dynamite!

Aww, that was fun. That was great.

It's like the Nats are little stimulus packages wrapped up in misspelled jerseys. Whenever you feel down about something -- whether it be a relationship, your job, or whatever Joe Biden might have said to push us toward the brink of World War III -- just think about the sorry state of the Washington Nationals Baseball Club LLC and you'll be swept off to your happy place.

So thank you, Mr. President. May we suggest starting every press conference with a Nats reference? It could really boost public morale, and we're sure the teleprompter will get a kick out of it, too.

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