Nats Bullpen In A Hot Tub. Yes, Coffey Too

The Vote for Michael Morse campaign had it all. Presidents in T-shirts, fans stumping for votes and pre-game crowds pumping “Beast Mode” chants.

What it was missing, apparently, was a shirtless bullpen.

This video escaped our attention, and if it were not for Deadspin’s intriguing screen grab this morning, it would have stayed underground forever.

The video is pretty funny in itself (note to the Nats: this should have been everywhere!), but the money shot is the entire bullpen in a hot tub, with what appears to be some candles and a random hose.

Also of note is Todd Coffey doing us a favor by keeping his shirt on.

This video had it all; a guest appearance by the Ian Desmond Bobblehead, a plea from Brian Bixler Collin Balester, who appears to have kept the voting phone number in his pants, and a demand by Livan Hernandez that scared us into placing a vote this morning, even though the voting ended Thursday.

Sadly, Michael Morse did not win the Final Vote (he finished fourth), but now we have the video to remind us of what could have been.

Watch and enjoy.

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