Inside Michael Phelps' Wild Night of Clubbing

Olympic champion Michael Phelps downed vodka straight from the bottle and busted shirtless moves on the dance floor during a booze-fueled night of partying at a New York City hot spot, a spy told the New York Daily News..

"Michael was definitely having a good time," the News' source said. "He was drinking straight from a bottle of Grey Goose, and when the DJ started playing M.I.A.'s 'Paper Planes,' he got up, started dancing like a loon and kept on yelling, 'Shots!'

Phelps has kept a low profile since a photograph surfaced showing the swimmer at a house party smoking a bong -- but the athlete came out of his shell on Tuesday night at hot spot Marquee, ordering four bottles of vodka and even going shirtless at some point after dancing up a frenzy, the paper reported.

The champ also put on a nauseating display of PDA as he made out with cocktail waitress girlfriend Caroline (Caz) Pal, according to the News.

"They wouldn't stop making out! They were literally sucking face and not caring that anyone was watching."

When Phelps tried to introduce himself at fellow club-goer UConn basketball player Hasheem Thabeet, the hoops star appeared not to recognize the champ, the paper reported. 

"Hasheem had absolutely no clue who Michael was, and [Phelps] walked away looking a little embarrassed," the snitch said.

The Olympian then got into a cab around 2:30 a.m. and headed to his friend's place.

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