Nationals Park

Nationals Will Play Season in Nationals Park

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The Washington Nationals will play their home games for the 2020 season at Nationals Park in D.C., NBC Sports Washington reported Friday.

The team was cleared to play in the city when it received waiver approval on June 30. But the location of the teams' season came into question because of the District's coronavirus guidelines and quarantine rules.

Players or staff had to be quarantined for 14 days if they tested positive or came in contact with someone who did.

According to MLB guidelines, players or staff who tested positive or were exposed, must test negative twice in a row, have no fever for at least 72 hours, and be deemed by doctors and MLB to present no risk to others.

With a limited number of games, it could be considered a competitive disadvantage to have player out of the game for two weeks. The Nationals and the Los Angeles Dodgers are the only two teams playing under those rules.

The city reportedly modified the protocol for the team. If they test negative and satisfy league protocols, they can play in games as long as they otherwise quarantine.

It was reported Thursday that the team was considering playing at the minor-league stadium in Frederickburg.

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