Nationals Adding To Ball Girl Roster

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This Sunday, the Nationals are having auditions to add to their stable of ball girls for the 2011 season.

The position of ball girl is not an easy one. You have to be perky and cheery, yet be able to field a ball coming at you. All done while wearing a bulky helmet and getting heckled by fans.

If you’re so inclined to spend your summer chasing down errant balls, here are a few tips from Nationals Entertainment Coordinator Tom Davis, with further explanation from yours truly.

  • “Don’t forget your glove.”

If you get the job, your glove will be your best friend. Make sure it’s worn in and flexible.

  • “Know what the foul line is, and what side of the line makes baseballs fair and what side makes them foul.”

Incidentally, they also tell this to Jayson Werth before each game.

  • “Always remember that balls in fair territory are off limits.”

When Nyjer Morgan tells you his pants are nicknamed “foul territory,” run.

  • “Do your homework; this is a tryout to work for the Washington Nationals, so it would help to know the names of players on the team in case that question comes up during the interview process.”

Extra points if you can say Wang without giggling.

Fans over 18 years old who are interested in becoming Nationals ball girls can send a recent headshot, cover letter and resume to by Friday. Finalists will then be contacted and invited to try out at Nationals Park on Sunday.

Good luck, ladies.

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