Mullet Aficionado Picks Caps for Cup

Detroit Red Wings to be the foe

In a recent chat on, Barry Melrose, the lovable hockey personality/analyst, tabbed the Capitals to face the Detroit Red Wings for Lord Stanley's Cup, also dubbing the Caps, "the most talented team in the East."

Melrose, known for partying in the back, is all business up front in his role as a sports pundit for the World Wide Leader.

And while his hockey insight is spot on, you can't say the same for Melrose's abilities as a coach (or perhaps his hair style). After 12 years in the booth for ESPN, the mane of gel and pommade tried his act as head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning prior to this season.

It took only 16 games for Melrose to be fired. While most are used to finding Melrose by tuning in, the players easily tuned him out. Rumor has it that his mullet is still working for the team as a locker room custodian.

But let's hope that has nothing to do with his ability to predict the NHL finals. Although, Melrose doesn't have the best track record when picking the Caps for the Cup. In 2000, he picked Dallas and Washington to meet, but the second-seeded Caps never made it past the first round, losing to the seventh seeded Penguins 4-1.

However, at the current rate Pittsburgh is going, Sid the Skid & Co. might not even be a threat.

If Ovechkin and crew get their act together, along with some help on D (are you listening GM McPhee), then the possibilities are unlimited. If Melrose's prediction comes true, you just might see more Mullet Night promotions in D.C.

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