Meet Your Draft Pick: Chris Singleton

With their second pick of the draft the Wizards filled some defensive holes with Chris Singleton, selected at No. 18 overall.

He's a defensive force and has the potential to be a big part of this young team.

So, who is Chris Singleton?

Height: 6’9”
Weight: 230
Position: Forward
Nickname: Stretch (also, Sing)
Twitter: @csing31

Universally considered to be one of the best defenders in this draft class.

Just started a clothing line with some FSU friends called Doughpe Clothing. According to the company’s site, “Doughpe is more than just a clothing company. Once someone wears a Doughpe Clothing product they become Doughpe. They establish themselves in the Doughpe Community.”  Well, that’s just doughpe.

Best thing to come out of Dunwoody High School since Ryan Seacrest.

Might possibly be one of the most eager draft picks in this draft:

Welcome to D.C., Chris!

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