McNabb Working Out, Sort Of

If this most recent video is any indication, it seems that Donovan McNabb's workouts are more talk than work.

CSN Washington has this "behind the scenes" look at a Donovan McNabb workout. It's 20 seconds of him doing various free weight exercises and 29 seconds of him sitting down and joking with his trainers.

Somewhere John Beck is giggling with glee.

We're fairly certain that his workouts are more that 49 seconds long, but we would have loved to see some more action from the "is he or isn't he the starting" quarterback.

According to McNabb's T-shirt, he's "that dude." Is he "that dude" who thought this video would be a good idea? Or is he "that dude" who assumed they'd edit the talking out? Maybe he's "that dude" who just doesn't care what we mean bloggers think.

We'd prefer to think he's "that dude" who is really working out super hard and keeping it secret.

Yeah. That dude.

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