McNabb Begins His Starter Campaign


Donovan McNabb is a bit late to the "I Want To Be The Starter 2011" campaign, but it looks like he's hoping to make up for lost time.

While John Beck and Rex Grossman have been using the D.C. media for their platforms, McNabb has made the strange decision to make a video for "The Real Robinson Report." Maybe he was hoping we'd miss it but, you know, this is the Internet.

"For my Facetime: 2011 is different than 2010. For those who wanna sit back and dwell on what happened last year, so be it. But 2011's gonna be a special season. A season in which I feel that I've prepared myself well -- not just conditioning and strengthwise, but most importantly getting back to the fundamentals. And I look to display that in the 2011 season. And for those who feel like it can't be possible: I'll prove you wrong."

McNabb has a lot of catching up to do if he wants to win over public opinion.

This whole starting quarterback saga is terrifying.Your move, Mr. Beck.

via Redskins Blog

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