Maryland Uniforms: Bad Luck Pants?

As has become weekly tradition, Maryland coach Randy Edsall tweeted this Saturday’s uniform choice for the Terps. Unfortunately for the team, losing may also become a weekly tradition.

Some blame the young roster. Others blame special teams.

We’re going to go ahead and blame the pants.

You see, the Terps sported white pants in the Week 1 win against Miami. Weeks 2 and 3 saw black pants and back-to-back losses. We’re not saying there’s a correlation, but ... maybe there’s a correlation.

This week’s uniform has the team in black pants again in their matchup against an undefeated Towson. If we were the superstitious type, we’d be placing the mortgage money on Towson. (Programming note: please don’t place the mortgage money on Towson. Or Maryland. Or any other team.)

If Maryland falls to defeat again, we say toss the black pants. We’re willing to forgive white pants after Labor Day if it means better luck for the struggling Terps.

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