Martell Webster Consoles Frightened Suns Fan

The Wizards were in Phoenix Wednesday, so you might have missed it while you were sleeping (though there were fans at the game who did the same).

If you didn't see any of the highlights, here's a heartwarming one courtesy of Martell Webster.

During the third quarter, the Suns' P.J. Tucker launched himself into the stands while diving after a loose ball. Tucker did his best to clear the crowd in the front row, but startled a young Suns fan in the process. Heck, I'm nearly 24 and I'd be startled if a large man came barrelling towards me.

Webster approached the toddler, gave him the game ball to hold while the court was being wiped up and encouraged the Phoenix crowd to give him a round of applause.

Washington won 88-79, its first victory in Phoenix since December 2006.

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