Marino: Buy My House, Get My Furniture and a Football

Dolphins great sure knows how to sweeten the pot

Home buyers will never mistake Dan Marino for the new host of "Let's Make a Deal," but you can't fault the Dolphin great from trying.

Like everyone else in the housing market, Marino is having a hard time getting his house sold, so he decided to use what he has to get what he wants. Marino's asking price for his 15,000-square-foot home in Weston is $13.5 million, but he's willing to sweeten the deal by tossing in an autographed football. Yes, you read right. An autographed ball.

That should fetch a pretty penny on eBay.

But that's not all. Marino will also leave all his furniture. Considering that the Tuscan house has 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, two guest houses and a wine cellar, that should make the offer almost equivalent to the worth of the football.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the designer furniture is worth about $1.5 million, and it saves the buyer the headache of buying a bunch of eclectic junk to fill the spacious house.

The house was originally on the market for close to $16 million, so the lower price and the furniture is quite the discount to live like an NFL Hall of Famer. If buyers resist the pitch and hold out, will Marino offer to leave his clothes or throw in his Hall of Fame ring?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see, but we don't know how anyone can resist that football.

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