Lorenzo Alexander Plays Fireman

The NFL lockout has left the Redskins players with some free time. Some are filling it with safe hobbies like landscaping and pottery.

A courageous Lorenzo Alexander spent some time as a firefighter in Manassas, Va. -- something that the linebacker admits was not easy.

"It was weird -- putting that mask on and trying to breathe through that. A little claustrophobic, but once I got used to it I was fine," he said. "The sad part about it was I did go on a call where somebody passed away, so I got the reality of it, as well."

Alexander said he was impressed by how good of shape the firefighters were in, and he admires the courage they show by running into a burning building to save lives.

We caught up with Lorenzo after Tuesday’s practice and asked him about his experience. Watch as he talks about the courage it takes to be a firefighter and the stark reality of the job.

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