Live Trucks, VCU Celebrations Don’t Mix

vcu celebrations

Broad Street in Richmond erupted in celebration following the VCU Rams' improbable win over No. 1-seeded Kansas to reach the Final Four.

Light poles were climbed.  Vuvuzelas were blown.  And choruses of "We Want Butler!" -- an improbable thought just a week earlier -- could be heard across campus.

And what did we learn from all of this?  If your a TV station, it's probably not a good idea to park your live truck, which costs in the neighborhood of $200,000, in the middle of the celebration.

Richmond station WRIC-TV's live truck got caught in the swarm of excitement and became a vantage point for jubilant revelers -- and also a makeshift dance floor.

Check out the video here (live truck footage at about 1:40 mark, and some language may not be SFW):

But there's a happy ending to this story.  The live truck apparently survived the mayhem and will broadcast another day.

That may not be the case if VCU makes it to the championship game, however...

More VCU excitement below:


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