LaRon Landry's Lip Goes Labret

Skins free safety arrives with an extra hole

Was LaRon Landry's absence from the voluntary OTAs much ado about nothing? Looks like it. Still, not to say the whole occurrence wasn't absurd in the first place.

Landry's excuse was "personal issues/things," which could include a wide range of activities from a death in the family, to that "not-so-fresh" feeling, to the equivalent of when the rest of the regular work force calls in with a faux cough to take a "personal day."

But unlike the regulars and their employers, it's no biggie that LaRon himself didn't call in. It seems that the onus is on the teacher to call his student, which Jim Zorn did, but received no response from Landry.

In one of those forehead smacking instances, Zorn went from calling Landry's absence, "disappointing to his teammates" to an "aww shucks" instance of simply saying he didn't have Landry's correct phone number. Really? Not sure that's completely believable.

Regardless, LaRon is in camp with his teammates and that's all that counts moving forward.

Plus, LaRon has a new friend, a "cute" little piercing below his lip called a Labret, pictures courtesy of a TwitPic from the Redskins Blog Twitter with a tip of the hat to Mr. Irrelevant. Have no idea what you just read? That's okay, you're in the majority, but not for long.

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