Kevin Durant Steals Show in Baltimore

Despite LeBron's best attempts at showing off, Kevin Durant stole the show in Tuesday's Goodman-Melo game in Baltimore.

Despite his team's 149-141 loss, Durant dropped 59 points in a physical battle with a guarding LeBron.

“Durant’s gone on a rampage this summer,” KD's teammate Carmelo Anthony told the Post. “I told him to ‘Slow down.’ Because every other night I see him in a different city playing. But that’s just the love of the game that he’s got, and I respect that. I’m glad he actually showed up and played in this game, too.”

It's not often fans get to see NBA All-Stars sharing the court in games like this. We don't like the lockout one bit, but these exhibitions are making it a little easier to deal with.

For those who weren't able to make the game, these highlights make a fairly decent substitution. 

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