Kevin Durant a Redskin?

The Redskins quarterback disaster has fans pining for a better option, and the NBA lockout leaves our favorite ballers unemployed.

Italian collectibles company Panini America came up with a solution: Kevin Durant as the Redskins new quarterback.

Durant is best known for his skills on the hardwood, but this week he showed up on the Oklahoma State University campus and played a little flag football.  That apparently inspired Panini...

Durant’s dominating performance on the gridiron immediately got us here at Panini America dreaming about the endless football card possibilities of such a dreamy vocational relocation. So seeing as how Durant is one of our exclusive athletes (and since the Redskins could obviously use the offensive help), we dispatched an all-star team of creative experts to concoct two fantasy football cards.

When the Redskins problems go international, you know there's a problem.

For what it's worth, we think Durant looks great in the burgundy and gold.

via Deadspin

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