Jon Bon Jovi Attends Wizards Preseason Game, John Wall Doesn't Know Who He Is

Professional rocker Jon Bon Jovi attended the Wizards' 104-101 preseason loss to the Raptors in Toronto Wednesday. Before the game, The Washington Post's Michael Lee noticed Bon Jovi seated courtside and decided that "he might have to do a poll after the game to see if any of these #wizards can name 1 of his songs."

Afterwards, he got this:

The arena speakers pumped his classic staple, “You Give Love a Bad Name,” while his image flashed across the HD scoreboard. And as it all unfolded, John Wall applauded from his seat along the bench. 

Wall was simply being polite, because after the game, Wall was asked about Bon Jovi and he replied, “Who’s that?”

Jan Vesely, the Czech forward getting dressed nearby, was stunned as he looked at Wall.
“No. You don’t know him?” Vesely said.

Emeka Okafor, seated in an adjacent locker room stall, shook his head and laughed.
Wall smiled and said, “I’m a 90s baby. I never heard of him.”

By my unofficial count, Bon Jovi has released 39 singles since 1992, including "It's My Life," "Who Says You Can't Go Home" and "Always." None of those songs are "Wanted Dead Or Alive" or "You Give Love A Bad Name," but c'mon, man.

As I peruse Bon Jovi's discography, however, I've noticed plenty of songs that could work as unofficial Wizards mottos for the 2012-13 season...

Washington Wizards: Livin' On A Prayer.

Washington Wizards: Keep The Faith.

Washington Wizards: Say It Ain't So.

And my personal favorite...

Washington Wizards: Something For The Pain.

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