Report: John Wall at Club Where Deadly Shooting Occurred

A club shooting at Juliet Supper Club in Manhattan on Monday night made sports news thanks to the presence of multiple New York Giants players. Now it appears that the incident that left one clubgoer dead has closer ties to the DMV.

According to the New York Times, John Wall was also at the club. 

A number of N.B.A. players were in town Monday to take part in a union meeting that preceded the players’ rejection of Commissioner David Stern’s latest proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement.

At least two of the players who had been at that meeting -- Wall and Duhon -- were at the Juliet that night.

It’s unconfirmed whether Wall was still at the club at the time of the shooting.

Wall, who has been keeping fans updated on his whereabouts through Twitter, indicated early Monday that he was looking for some fun in the city with this tweet: "Wats cookin tonite in Ny!?!"

Wall has been pretty good at staying out of trouble, outside of some sidewalk juking incidents. Here’s hoping he stays smart about his nightlife choices.

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