Joe Theismann's on the Air

Will you love the sound of his voice as much as he does?

For a long time, many local sports lovers have been clamoring for a radio station to rise up to challenge 980.  Competition, the argument goes, would inspire the stagnant 980 to greatness, leading to a station that actually seems to care about the totality of the local sports scene.

But what's happened, we're finding out, is that a second sports station just means they need to dredge up more blabbers.

Enter D.C.'s newest radio talker: Joe Theismann.  He's being given an 8 a.m. shift on 980, according to the City Paper.

The bright side: it knocks Mike & Mike off the air for a bit.  Also, it's local radio.

The downside: it's Joe Theismann.

Joey's no stranger to the broadcast booth.  He was a long-time ESPN Sunday Night Football commentator before shifting over to Monday Night Football, alongside Tony Kornheiser.  That lasted a season before ESPN dumped him for what he says was "talking too much football."

It's that relationship with Kornheiser that's going to be interesting, as City Paper points out, if the rumors that Korny's coming back to the radio (presumably right after Theismann) come true.

Speculation is that Kornheiser had some degree of involvement in getting Theismann dumped from the booth.  They noticeably did not have very good chemistry together during broadcasts.

Although Joey has said that he gets along with Kornheiser, he's also given multiple interviews that ripped Korny's style in the booth, calling him a "fish out of water" (among other things).  Can they coexist on the same team again? 

Theismann's no stranger to sounding off, delivering his opinions with that cocky style that some love, but many loathe.

Will he work on the radio?

Although in a city that lets Mumbles Cerrato stumble through a show, it's apparent that the answer to that question isn't that important.  There's airtime to fill, man!

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