Joe Gibbs Delivers Pep Talk To Cowboys

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Delve into the deepest regions of your subconcious with me for a second. What are some of the weirdest and most illogical thoughts that surface?

Yeah, I've got some dark stuff back there -- something about the apocalypse and an army of evil dolphins -- but nothing as dark and disturbing as what took place this weekend in Charlotte, N.C.

Joe Gibbs -- yes, that Joe Gibbs, former three-time Super Bowl-winning coach of the Washington Redskins twice removed -- delivered a pep talk to the Dallas Cowboys before their game against the Carolina Panthers. 

If you haven't thrown up all over your keybord yet and can read this sentence, you have a strong constitution. Here's more on the matter from The Washington Post

“He was saying to us that when they called him and asked him to speak he was like, ‘Are you crazy?’ knowing what that rivalry was like,” Cowboys linebacker Dan Connor said with a laugh.

Connor said Gibbs talked about “battling through adversity,” something the Cowboys (3-3) needed to do on Sunday against Carolina.

“He was talking about different situations he’s been in and how he fought through them,” Connor said. “He said when you’re in a situation you think it’s the worst thing ever, but when you have to have faith in God and push through it. That was the message. He was unbelievable.”

Excuse me for a second.

(Keels over, dry heaves).

Alright, I'm good.

So, whatever Gibbs said, it worked; as the story points out, the Cowboys overcame a 14-13 fourth-quarter deficit to defeat the Panthers 19-14. This is some sort of sick joke, right?  

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