Jayson Werth's Beard Is No More

There were rumors about it on Twitter, but we didn’t want to believe it. But when Jayson Werth took the field Tuesday, the truth was revealed.

Werth’s beard, sadly, is no more.

The beard has been shrunk to some sort of supersized soul patch.

As is the way with facial hair, the famed beard could make a reappearance, but that’s a small consolation for at least one Twitter user.

Buck up, @jwerthsbeard! We're willing to bet that fabulous facial hair makes a comeback.

The Nats came back from a 5-0 defecit Tuesday to win the game with a three-run walk-off by Wilson Ramos.

If we were the superstitious type, we'd be jumping on the soul patch bandwagon.

But we'll give it a few games just to make sure. Soul patches are hard to support.

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