JaVale's Rarely Seen Goofy Side

We got a chance to talk to JaVale McGee Thursday during the end-of-season cleanout, and much like his teammate Nick Young, JaVale let his silly side show.

In between talking about his planned summer workouts and next year's outlook, he had jokes.  Drumroll, please...

On gas prices, which he complained about over Twitter:
“I’ve been real real cheap. You’re gonna see me in a hybrid soon. For real? Gas? What’s going on in the world today? Man.”

On John Wall’s performance as team captain:
“I didn’t know he was the captain. But, since you said it…I really didn’t notice it I guess.”

On his NBA Finals prediction:
“Um, somebody gonna win. I like the Wizards, but they’re not in the playoffs.”
[Ed. Note: “They,” JaVale?]

On his summer plans:
“Vacation…laying on the beach. That’s what I plan on doing. It’s a [un]disclosed location. I don’t want anybody stalking me.”

On having the second most blocks in the league:
I would have been first if [Milwaukee Bucks] Andy Bogut hadn’t missed 80 games."

On his tendency to try to handle the ball like a point guard despite being 7 feet tall:
“I wasn’t always 7 foot, and I always had ball handling. But everybody makes mistakes in their life, right?"

On coach Flip Saunders getting mad about such point guard tendencies and whether he’d try to rectify that:
“Definitely, but everybody can’t be happy. We’re all imperfect, nobody can expect me to be perfect.”

On his behind-the-back pass:
“It finally went through. Yeah, take that.”

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