JaVale Gets Support From Mama

JaVale McGee has taken some heat for his comments about the lockout, and his mom, Pamela McGee, is not having it.

After leaving a players' meeting early last week, JaVale spoke to the media about player sentiment and was quickly put in his place by his fellow ballers.

Mama McGee was quick to defend her son and his intentions.

“He comes from a blue-collar town,” she told the Post. “He was born in Flint, Mich., a union-based town. He believes in the union and is in support of his colleagues. He only left the meeting because he had to go on a USO tour.”

A true statement, but not totally honest.

JaVale was actually leaving on a promotional tour in the Philippines, as the USO tour -- called Hoops for Troops -- doesn’t start until October 23 in Hawaii.

JaVale has spent the week in Manila promoting his new endorsement with Philippines-based Smart Communications, a deal that came as a result of his antics while in the country this summer.

While clearly JaVale figured out how to make planking profitable, he has moved on to other forms of Twitter debauchery.

Namely, the Flying Buddha.

Since it wouldn’t be a JaVale story without a picture or video of him doing something gloriously ridiculous, here is the 7-footer showcasing his new skills.

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