JaVale Gets Peep Treatment

We all remember JaVale McGee's amazing two-basket jam in this year's dunk contest. Now that moment has been commemorated in a sugary, glittery work of art.

Check out this submission for this year's Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest. The masterpiece was created for only $20.

"I am a poor graduate student, so I used stuff around the apartment," said creator Tim Westmyer of Arlington. "I am a home brewer, so a grain bag was used for the hoop net, plastic picture frames became the backboard and ping pong balls turned into basketballs."

Westmyer was blown away by JaVale's performance in the dunk contest and was inspired to honor him in a most peeptacular way. The double dunk was the perfect inspiration.

"I wish he could have saved that trick for the final round," Westmyer explained. "I wanted McGee to get some props for his creative effort. A peeps diorama contest sounded like a good consolation prize."

The Washington Post will announce the contest winner on April 17. Unless someone else made a Blake Griffin-dunking-over-a-car diorama, this one might have a shot at winning.

(Photo courtesy Tim Westmyer)

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