Is Dan Snyder the Worst Owner in the NFL?

It's an easy argument to make

Dan Snyder is the worst owner in football.  That's what Len Shapiro -- typically of the Washington Post -- says anyway.  There probably aren't too many people in the D.C. area that would argue strenuously against him, either.

What qualifies Snyder to be the worst in the NFL?  Plenty, argues ol' Lenny.

First is the coaching carousel.  Five coaches in 10 seasons.

Second is the continued employment of Mumbles Cerrato, who Len says "would have a hard time keeping a head scouting job with some franchises."

Third is the contracts.  Oh, the contracts!  Stubblefield, Neon Deion, Archuleta, Brandon Lloyd.  Should we go on?  Breaking out into hives yet?

If not, remember that he gave $25 million and five years to Steve SpurrierGah!!!

But on-field performance (or lack thereof) is only half the story with Danny Boy, as Len sums up: 

"Snyder has taken advantage of his fan base for years with outrageous prices, screaming boobs on the public address system, surly parking attendants and in-stadium ushers and clearly one of the worst fan 'experiences' in the league for anyone who braves the maddening traffic to get there."

We can probably give Danny a pass on the parking.  He didn't build the stadium.  (He just added seats behind concrete pillars.)

We should probably give Danny a pass on screaming boobs, too.  That's pretty much par for the course at any stadium these days.

But the game-day experience?  Yeah, that sucks.  He's done nothing to fix up the stadium beyond cramming in those crappy seats and adding VIP velvet rope areas. 

It's the same narrow concourses with the same crappy over-priced concessions.  It's the same crappy 1980s-era screen using the same cheesy 1980s-era graphics.

The parking prices are ridiculous.  The efforts the team has gone to take away other parking and transportation choices are garbage.

On the field, it's a team that makes being a fan tough.  Off the field, it's a team that makes being a fan tough.

Nope.  Lenny won't get much of an argument about Dan Snyder.

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